Welcome to the World of Blox

Ever try giving a toddler an iPhone? Probably not if you value expensive hardware. Besides, iPhones and other gaming systems are much too complex for toddlers to handle. So the question is how are these kids supposed to benefit from advances in technology like everybody else?

That's where Blox comes in. We are propelling ordinary children's toys into the tech-savvy future by embedding technology (including a microprocessor, accelerometer, touch-panels, display screen, speaker, wireless Xbee, and infrared sensors) into fun and playable cubes. Think wooden blocks from your childhood, but with style and brains to boot!

The coolest part about Blox is their ability to communicate wirelessly with one another. Flick a ball from one screen to the next, have some Blox share secrets like a game of telephone, or even have them battle each other one-on-one or in groups. For the younger crowd, Blox can be used to learn colors and shapes, math and spelling, and how to read with the help of built-in speakers and displays.

This unique communication system makes Blox a great toy for our application developers. Project Blox is now a completely open-source electronic and software platform for developing distributed applications that run on cube-shaped embedded systems. Each Blox can independently interact with other Blox or outside users. This platform is useful for anyone who wants to explore or prototype a distributed system.

So, children of all ages, are you ready? It's playtime.

Watch a Video Overview!