About Us

Project Blox began as a senior design project at University of Texas in Austin. The team consisted of a group of four senior students in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department: Dan Cleary, Ankita Kaul, Jesse Tannahill, and Zach Wasson. The project was designed in Spring of 2010, but actual construction and prototyping began in Fall of 2010.

Though deemed an overly complicated and technically challenging project by many faculty and peers, we successfully completed our project goals by the end of the senior design course. At the conclusion of November 2010, we had made five prototype Blox, two demonstration applications, a complete software development kit (SDK), and had written over 10,000 lines of code - all of which was developed from the ground up.

Since completing our Senior Design course in 2010, we have decided to release our design materials in order to spark interest in the project. Please contact us if you are interested in the project. Thank you!


Project Blox Team Photo